Grungy New York City Rooftop Couples Session

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New York City is beautiful and so amazing in such a diverse way. There are also endless places to take photos. Check out this blog if you want some more ideas on where to do your New York City photo session. You can also just send us a quick email or slide into our DM’s and we can give you all the recommendations 😉!

We both love going to New York City. This time right as we flew into the city and were scouting for the best locations for this shoot. Looking down random side streets. Scouting out Central Park….possibly laying out for a few hours and maybe buying some “Mango mango”. But don’t worry after running around what felt like the entire island of Manhattan, mindlessly walking down side streets, and hanging out in the park we found so many great places. If you want a cool photoshoot in the city, let us know and we will hook you up. Funny enough it was the rooftop of the place we were staying at. Everything about the rooftop was perfect for the session. The couple mentioned that they wanted something a little more grundy, unique, and something that isn’t “Basic”. This rooftop checked off all of those boxes.

The rooftop has so many interesting places for posing and very strong statement pieces that felt unique while still having the view of the New York City building in the background. It was and is perfect for the vision we were all having for this session.

Going into all of our sessions we like to communicate with our couples pretty excessively. Not to be annoying (if we get annoying at all just let us know and we will shut up I promise 🤣) but to just make sure the vision of the shoot is very clear and to ensure that the couple is going to get exactly what they want. For this session, the couple was looking for a really grundy vibe, and this location was giving all the grungy vibes.

Now let’s get to the juice grundy stunning photos.

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