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We are so freaking thrilled you’re here and reading this. If you’re creeping on us, we’re guessing you’re considering having us as your photographers (and hype squad) for your big day...and that’s a huge honor! You can’t see us but we may or may not be happy dancing in pre-emptive excitement already!!

Why are we so obsessed with capturing your moments of love and life? Because you’re about to begin a whole new, wild adventure together and your photos will serve as a tangible keepsake for the rest of your lives. This is your story, this is your legacy - and to be
given the opportunity to be a part of your memorable journey is something we don’t take for granted.

Your hubby-wife photography team from Salt Lake City, Utah, we fell in love with each other AND photography when we first met. Talk about universes colliding! This is our joint passion, it lights up our souls and fires up our creativity. Since getting hitched, we’ve gotten a cat, moved across the country, and now operate as full-time freelance photographers to celebrate love stories across the globe. 

We’d love nothing more than to be right by your side, snappin’ photos, savin’ memories, and hypin’ the living daylights out of you. 

True love captured in its purest form. Reliving all of the special things that made you fall in love with your person. Your love story is a movie that is totally Oscar worthy. Come as yourself and embrace your wild love story. 

Capturing the stills in life's most wild moments.

You deserve the very best on your big day. With two photographers who work great as a team and have a relationship, your day will feel seamless without anything being missed.

double the perspectives, double the creativity, and double the experience.

Our style is true photojournalism mixed with creative editorial. We strive to beautifully capture your love in an authentic, creative way that expresses who you are, down to the last unique detail.

nostalgic photos meeting modern love stories.

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photography for the free spirited who want life captured creatively.