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time capsules allowing us to relive moments and                                                  feelings.

We don't take capturing your story lightly, we believe that these are going to be keepsakes in your life and that is a truly a special thing. Photos have the power to keep memories alive and transport you into the past. We want you to know that your story is safe with us. 

All of the in between moments are just as special as the big ones.

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Most importantly this should be such a FUN time and an effortless experience. You should sit back and know that you just need to show up and be your true selves, we've got the rest covered. Let's just get together and create magic!

You deserve photographers that are going to be there for you throughout the entire process. (That's us!) We will invest in you as a couple and make sure to take off any stress we can, since we know planning can be a lot. From the start we will be there to help with vision, timelines, or anything you may need.


We do not photoshop photos unless they are typical skin blemishes or temporary imperfections (bruises, cuts, etc.) We really believe in raw and natural moments and believe that altering images goes against that. We also do not send raw files, as editing is a part of the product.

can you photoshop us or give us raw/unedited photos?

We require a 30% deposit to hold your date in our calendar. The rest of your package balance we leave completely up to you. You can pay all upfront, half and half, or pay all the month before the wedding date.

do you offer payment plans?

Every photo session is unique, so the number of delivered photos changes. We promise that there will be photos covering all of the memories of the day!

how many photos will we get?

We deliver our photos through PicTime. You will be able to download as many photos as you want and as many times as you want. If it is an engagement or lifestyle session your photos will be delivered to you no later than 2 weeks after your session. If it is a wedding or an elopement your photos will be delivered no later than 6 weeks after your session.

how will we receive our photos and how long will they take?

Absolutely! We have been a part of a lot of weddings, so we can give you tips on what we have seen work and what we have seen that hasn’t worked in the past. If you want to bounce ideas off of us, we are all ears. We are here every step of the way!

will you help us in the planning process?

If the weather is going to ruin the excitement of your shoot we are open to rescheduling, but if you are up for the unforeseen weather making your session into a fun and memorable time, we are down!

what happens if there is bad weather?


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