Why you should invest in a DUO team over a single shooter

  1. It feels more like a double date rather than a photo session!

It is so easy to get uncomfortable when you think about getting in front of a camera, we totally get it, that is why we are behind the camera! When you schedule a session or a wedding with a “duo” team you can feel at ease going in because there is already relatability because you are both “duos”. You can talk, get to know each other, have fun and listen to music. DOUBLE DATE!

  1. They can demonstrate poses 

Explaining poses can be hard, and instead of struggling to have an understanding of what to do, a “duo” can demonstrate the pose for you so you can fully visualize the shot and feel more comfortable being yourself while doing it.

  1. Two perspectives

With a “duo” team you are going to get two different perspectives of your wedding. Everyone’s creative eye is different and will capture the moments at your wedding a different way. So not only are you going to get the main shots that you want to have from your wedding day, but you are also going to get creative shots that you will cherish for a lifetime!

  1. They have experience working together

Most of the time when you are asking for a second shooter through a photography company or an individual photographer, they are picking a separate random photographer to accompany the main shooter at your wedding. That means the main shooter and the second shooter would be meeting each other for the first time at your wedding and may not know how to work or compliment each other while shooting your wedding. When you schedule a “duo” team you are getting two professional photographers who work together well and compliment each other’s strengths.

  1. Allows room for error

S*** Happens! You can have the best professional photographer but sometimes things just happen. With having a “duo” if something does happen someone else is there to cover if needed. You know what they say, always have a backup plan!

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