Greece Elopement Story

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We are currently pinching ourselves because of this elopement story in Greece. Felt like a dream or a love story that would rival “The Notebook”. We love getting the opportunity to tell everyone’s story through our cameras and allowing you to feel those emotions for the rest of your lives. Most of the time they’re moments that we will cherish for a lifetime as well and it would be an understatement to say that this elopement story has us in all the feels. So much so our internet history is full of villas and apartments for sale in Greece with the hopes of finding our little slice of paradise in Europe. If you haven’t been we can confirm that it is quite literally the best place in the world.

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Where in Greece?

Greece is filled with so many different islands that offer out-of-this-world experiences that are special in their different ways. If you want to party and go clubbing, Mykonos is arguably the best party island there. If you want that beautiful view that you see all over social media with the blue-capped buildings overlooking the Aegean Sea then you can see yourselves in one of the most popular islands, Santorini.

The island you’ll be seeing in this blog is Milos. Milos is our favorite island in Greece. It offers so many unique and breathtaking views and landscapes that make your favorite animated movie look boring. With white rock beaches at Sarakiniko that make you feel like you’re walking on the moon. Firiplaka is a beach with colored painted cliffs that are the backdrop to the cleanest water you’ll ever swim in. There are so many more locations that you’ll be seeing in this blog that we are so excited to share with you.

What to Expect

You’ll be following the couple we photographed in Greece at multiple locations. Something we would encourage any eloping couple or any couple having a destination wedding. Not to just photograph that one day but to have your entire experience captured so you can have those memories documented throughout you time you spend in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

We captured a day of them getting ready in their room, before heading out to some of the amazing locations the Milos has to offer. Spent a day in Firiplaka and photography her in a STUNNING dress, and we don’t use that word lightly. It was stunning!

Also captured a bridal moment that is to die for that left our jaws along with everyone else at the beach on the bottom of the ocean at Sarakiniko Beach.

Then we spent the day on a catamaran and sailed around the island and saw all of the coves tucked away just begging to be explored with maybe a little bit of dangerous rock climbing.

Getting Ready

Not only is the island of Milos beautiful but this hotel that our couple got ready at was just as beautiful. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Milos, Ventus di Milo is the best place on the island. You’ll see why in the photos but we can not recommend this hotel enough. From the architecture to the customer service, everything was perfect.

Shelby and Travis started to get ready for the day in the most aesthetic way. Taking it slow with all the details on display. Espresso shots pulled, and wine glasses already filled the room was staged in a romantic way where their story was already being told in a unique passionate way.

After getting ready we took a few photos outside. Some of our favorite settings for photos are in direct sunlight so we had to sneak out and grab a couple of photos in the harsh lighting. IT WAS GORG!!

Greece Elopement Details
Greece Elopement Details
Greece Elopement Details
Greece Elopement Details
Greece Elopement Details
Greece Elopement couple getting ready
Greece Elopement couple getting ready
Greece Elopement couple getting ready


Do you remember that ‘STUNNING’ dress we were talking about? Yeah, you’re about to see what we’re talking about. This dress that Shelby wore at Firiplaka is to die for. Not only is the dress she wearing something Kim K might steal for a red carpet event. The handbag she has accompanying her is so fitting. It screams Greece and luxury all at the same time. All I was thinking about during this shoot was how can I walk away with both this dress and bag.
Both Shelby and Travis were the best and really committed to the photos. So much so that Travis took his ENTIRE suit off just so he could walk out to a rock surrounded by water and not get his suit wet. Any grooms out there, take notes.


OUR FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH!! No exaggeration out of everywhere we have been Sarakiniko Beach is the most incredible place on the planet. There is nothing like it. Stepping on the white sand and cliffs of Sarakiniko it feels unreal. There is nothing that can describe that feeling of seeing it for the first time. From the rolling white hills to the cliffs that fall into a deep Gatorade blue ocean, you will feel almost emotional standing there.
We did two shoots with Travis and Shelby at Sarakiniko. The first one was as the sun was setting and Shelby committed and created the most incredible scene that felt so free and in the moment. One of those moments that we won’t forget and something so special that they will cherish it for a lifetime and she can tell her kids “Hey, look at how much of a badass your mom is.”
After that bridal moment with Shelby, the next day they had a session together at Sarakiniko. Again we opted for a mid-day shoot because the harsh sunlight creates such a clean whimsical look that we love. They both wore a deconstructed outfit that was DOPE!! Travis looked so cool with his suit falling apart in all the best ways and Shelby always looked amazing in another unique outfit that was both edgy and glamorous.


We will never get over that shoot because as you can see it was out of this world. Not only were we freaking out all night after shooting that moment we were able to wake up the next morning and go back to that same location and shoot another amazing session with both Travis and Shelby.


We aren’t even done yet. After all these shoots on the island of Milos we decided to take this party to the water and spend a day on a Catamaran. Milos is one of the smaller islands in Greece and most of the island is only accessible by boat.

When you decide to go to Milos and elopement you need to schedule a Catamaran tour around the island and continue to be in awe over all the landscapes and views.

We fell in love with Greece and we know you will too. The experience there is out of this world and if you’re on the fence about having a traditional wedding or eloping. I hope this blog helped push you over to the edge and you’re currently looking up tickets to Milos, Greece right now.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please reach out we’d love to talk and we can talk ALL day about Greece.

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