Runaway Love Story

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Falling in love can be easy, but everything around it, isn’t always too easy. The beauty of spending life with someone is there isn’t one right way to do it. It is all up to the two of you and what feels right. To some people getting married in a beautiful venue in the mountains seems ‘right’. That perfect for them and we love seeing those love stories. To other it might seem right to elope to their bucket list country. Getting married with just a few of their favorite people. That perfect for them and we absolutely love seeing that too. There is no right way to express your love. There is just YOUR way, and that is perfect.

For this couple you’re about to see they just wanted to runaway together. With no strings attached just wanted to ‘runaway’. We loved following these two on their love story of running away together. One of our favorite things about wedding photography is that we get to see so many different ways to express ones story and this was a beautiful expression of love.

A runaway is like a leaf in the wind, subject to the whims of fate, and never knowing where they will land. Both a runaway and love can be associated with the idea of freedom—a runaway by their escape from an oppressive or restrictive situation, and love by its ability to liberate us from our fears and inhibitions.

Capturing this story was so much fun, being at the Sand Dunes in Utah felt so fitting. Being in a desert feels so empty but at the same time so full. So full of emotions between two people, full of hope and excitement of a life and happiness of two people with no exceptions, just two runaways in love.

During this shoot we shot both on digital and analog. Being able to shoot both film and digital really allowed us to capture all the moments without missing a thing but also could capture special memories on film. Which made everything feel more sentimental, and nostalgic. When looking at this gallery you will see a mix of our digital work along with some of our film.

Runaway in the Utah Sand Dunes
Runaway couple in the Utah Sand Dunes
Runaway couple in the Utah Sand Dunes
Runaway couple in the Utah Sand Dunes

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