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Weddings, weddings, weddings! Ahhh we love weddings so much, and we are lucky enough to call it our job. We want to bring you along with one of our most recent weddings with Jeff and Katelyn. We shot their engagement session months before the wedding which is something we try and encourage with all of our couples to do because it allows us to get to know the couple better and YOU (the couple) can get comfortable with us as well and get a little bit of practice with two people holding cameras near your faces.

Jeff and Katelyn are so sweet and truly love each other, and just that in it self makes our job literally a million times easier. During the wedding day we barely had to direct them at all because when they were together there was a sense of peace and comfort with both of them.

We started the day off getting pictures of Katelyn at her hotel room getting ready. The hotel she was getting ready at the nicest, prettiest and all the positive adjective you can think of to describe something nice that was what this hotel was. At the bottom of this blog I will drop all the links of the hotel and the venues and any other fun things from this wedding. But I can talk all day about this day and this couple but why talk when you can just look at this amazing photos from this super special day.

The Wedding Details

Hotel – The Grand America Hotel in SLC

Wedding Venue – Ember SLC

Wedding Day charcuterie board
Wedding Day Breakfast at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City Utah
Wedding Day sandals at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City
Wedding Shoes
The Grand America Hotel
Wedding Day Details

The Bride & Groom

All wedding day’s are always unforgettable but the couple themselves can makes the wedding day beautiful.

Jeff and Katelyn did just that. Their calming presence throughout the whole day put everyone at peace. Allowing everyone apart of the wedding to enjoy every moment. No matter what hiccup came along (and it’s a wedding day there is always going to be a hiccup) they handled it was such ease. None felt any kind of stress or pressure and their attitude and personality shinned throughout the whole night.

Their happiness of just being together was truly a beautiful thing and honestly what a wedding is all about. You can have all the most beautiful flowers and decorations in the most stunning venue in the world but without spending that day with the person you truly love it doesn’t matter and being apart of Jeff and Katelyn’s wedding we can truly see their happiness and see the beauty of two amazing people coming together as one.

The Reception

Okay, now its time for the most fun part of the big day. It’s party time. Reception is always the most fun part of the wedding day. This wedding reception did not disappoint. The receptions was kicked off by beautiful speeches. That were top off with some lebanese shots. Of course after these speeches the dancing began and it didn’t slow down from there. The photo will speak for them selves.

We had so much fun at this wedding and we can truly say they are gonna live happily ever after.

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