San Diego Couple’s Shoot


Doing wedding photography is so much fun on literally sooo many different levels. From getting to be with amazing people all the time to being in some of the most beautiful weddings. One of our favorites, traveling. Traveling is one of Camden and I favorite things to do. Doing that on top of wedding photography is a dream come true.

Within the last few years Camden and I moved from North Carolina to Utah. One of the biggest reason we moved was to be surrounded by nature. Obviously Utah is not short of having some of the most stunning landscapes. But along with being in one of the most beautiful states in the country. We moved out here because we wanted to be closer to the west.

This is one of the first trips we have made to San Diego ever and it was amazing. Camden and I are excited to take you all with us on one of our trips to California.

We went down to San Diego and it might be the prettiest places in the country. ( Camden and I Have not been to every state so I’m sure there are other places that are definitely beautiful and would give San Diego its run for it’s money.) After spending the whole day in San Diego. Going to the coolest coffee shops, stores and some of the best places to eat we set out to a magical shoot location.

We finished our time in San Diego with one of our favorite shoots we’ve been a part of in Balboa Park at the most breathtaking Cactus Gardens and I can tell you all about it but why tell you about it when I can just show you.

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