Tyler + Lindsay’s Palm Springs Photo Session


We love shooting Weddings, weather it is in the most beautiful wedding venue in the country or even the world. Could be an intimate elopement in the mountains of Utah we love them all. However sometimes we like to change it up a little bit and capture memories and couples enjoying their lives. Nothing special, no special event or anything just capturing their happiness and story. Because your story is our art.

We were lucky enough to do exactly that in the beautiful Palm Springs Desert. If you’re looking for recommendations on where to stay, what to eat and the best coffee shops around just message us and we will let you know the best places (also make sure you follow us so you can see a beautiful wedding we also shot recently in palm springs too. We will link here once it’s posted).

We can talk about Palm Springs all day long and all the amazing things it has to offer and what a dream it would be to live there all year long but lets talk about something even better than Palm Springs itself. Lets talk about this stunning, beautiful, fun, couples session we had the opportunity to capture.

This couple is literally the best. We can say that about almost all the couples we work with but seriously Tyler + Lindsey are amazing. They are a couple that you can’t help but laugh with. They bring such a fun and happy energy to this shoot it felt so easy and it turned into just a group of friends hanging out and we just happened to be taking some fire photos!

Enough talking you just wanna see some photos.

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