Engagement Session In A Utah Parking Garage

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As Utah wedding photographers we are always looking for unique backdrops to make engagement photos stand out. One of the most unexpected places to shoot? The top of a parking garage!

While parking garages might at first seem like an unlikely place to take engagement photos, they can actually provide an array of creative backgrounds. From vintage corners to modern architecture, parking garages offer a unique aesthetic to any engagement shoot. One of the biggest advantages of taking engagement photos at the top of a parking garage are the expansive views. Parking garages are located in the heart of the city, giving photographers a chance to explore the endless skyline possibilities. From capturing the couple in the foreground to allowing the lights of the city to complete the composition. The view from the top of the parking garage provides a stunning backdrop to any romantic moment. The atmosphere of a parking garage can also provide another unexpected benefit – privacy.

Since parking garages tend to be empty at night. Couples have the chance to get close and intimate without fearing that they’ll be watched. Even better, more deserted parking garages often have a vintage and gritty vibe, making them a great place to capture some urban and edgy engagement shots.

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