Wedding Trends for 2023


2022 was an amazing year for weddings. We saw a lot of cool, new, interesting wedding trends and loved it all! But 2022 is over and as we start 2023 we are excited to predict some of the 2023 Wedding Trend.

First thing first, your wedding day is all for YOU…and your partner. Now matter what a trend may be or what someone might say about something you want to do at the end of the day as long as you love it that’s all that matters. We are just here to say a few of the trends we are expecting to see in 2023 and hopefully give you and your partner a couple of ideas and maybe give you the little motivation you might need to try something you’ve wanted to try but maybe a little nervous to.

Embracing Eclectic Decor.

2023 will be the year couples look to break away from the traditional wedding trends and ideas of the past and embrace some eclectic decor. Eclectic, creative couples will be looking for ways to break away from cookie-cutter weddings, and instead, focus on unique touches of decor that will create a one-of-a-kind wedding. You can do this through incorporating meaningful elements, personal photos, vintage touches, and DIY projects throughout the reception. Also stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something you like that isn’t traditional wedding decor. 

Wedding for Experiences, and Memories

This year, couples will be focusing on creating an overall experience for their guests from the moment they arrive. Couples will search for unique venues that offer an immersive experience, either in a modern, chic setting or an outdoor natural setting. In addition, couples will be looking for ways to bring their personalities into the experience of their wedding.

There will be a focus on providing guests with an interactive experience. For example, food and drink stations will be set up throughout the reception area, giving your guests the freedom to move around and explore the different experiences. Couples will also be looking for more ways to entertain their guests, with ideas ranging from live music and performances to interactive props such as giant Jenga and corn hole. Unique elements, such as a custom photo backdrop, will also be popular at weddings in 2023.

Couples will be encouraged to find unique ways to incorporate both the bride and groom’s style into their backdrop. Using floral elements, bold colors, and whimsical ornaments. In addition, wedding hashtags will become even more popular as a way for couples to capture all of their special moments. Couples will use their hashtags to create unique tags for their special day and even create a custom logo for the event.

Sustainable Practices At Their Weddings

Couples will focus on minimizing waste and incorporating eco-friendly elements into their weddings. You can do this through renting or borrowing items rather than buying. Using natural and local materials, and utilizing digital wedding invitations and programs. Using biodegradable props for send offs started to become a trend in 2022. We believe it will carry over into 2023 and we are totally here for it. 

More Personal Wedding / Elopements 

Coming out of 2022 couples will be looking at their wedding more personally and less traditional. We really believe that this year is the year where more couples will begin opting to either have an elopement or have a more intimate wedding. Micro weddings and elopement has gotten more popular over the recent years. 2023 is going to be a year where it becomes even more popular. 

Elopements are one of the best options for couples who want a very special wedding experience. But do not want to have the traditional wedding. Elopements are so special and can create a beautiful personal wedding experience. With A LOT less stress than a traditional wedding.

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2023 is sure to be an exciting year for weddings with these new wedding trends. Couples will be embracing creativity to design an experience like no other. Whether it’s making the couple’s style come to life with unique decor. Or creating a sustainable celebration, or opting for an elopement and more personal wedding day. There are so many ways to make the wedding of your dreams come true.

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