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The Pro’s of having a Duo Wedding Photographer Team vs just a single shooter.

Are you planning your wedding and trying to decide whether to hire a single photographer or a duo wedding photographer team for your wedding.

Having two wedding photographers on the job can be a great decision that pays big dividends. We are here to explain why you should have a duo photography team over a single shooter for your wedding day.

More Photos

First off, A duo photography team can provide you with a larger coverage. Because two photographers can cover more ground than one. Which can be a lifesaver on your wedding day because no matter how much planning you do. You can never plan for the craziness of your wedding day…always good craziness though ;). 

While a single shooter can be sufficient and will definitely provide quality photos. You will want to consider having a duo photography team if your wedding will be larger. Or you are wanting more photos of your special wedding day.

A duo photography team can capture more of the action and emotions of your special day. They will be able to capture different angles of the same moment. Moments that a single shooter just simply could not. Plus, two photographers can be in different rooms or locations at the same time. Capturing twice as many areas as a single shooter. Typically when we are shooting a wedding day, we talk with our couple beforehand and ask if they need either one of us in different locations depending on the situation. We have captured many weddings where we have split up. Going to different locations so YOU will never miss a special moment looking back at your wedding day because you had a duo photography team.

More Creativity For Your Wedding Photos

Secondly, Having a duo photography team also allows you to capture more unique and creative photos. Who doesn’t want more creative photos? A duo wedding photography team can provide different perspectives of the same scene. A single photographer can not. You will get a greater variety of shots and angles with a duo. Plus, you can trust that you will get the best angles and poses on your wedding day. A duo team will have the experience to capture the perfect shots no matter the environment. Another great benefit of having a duo photography team is that your wedding photos will be consistent and of the highest quality. With two professional photographers, you’ll be able to trust that your wedding photos will be well-lit, sharp, and beautiful. 

Plus, you can rest assured that your wedding photos will be consistent, with no discrepancies or inconsistencies due to different photographers having different approaches or styles.

Having a duo photography team also allows you to capture more candid and natural moments. You will have the opportunity to capture intimate moments between you and your partner that a single photographer may not have time to capture. This can give you more meaningful photos that show the true emotions of the day.


Finally, one of the last things to consider is COST. Don’t we all love to talk about money, but talking about a duo wedding photography team it actually comes out to be cheaper than a single photography. Once you look at the quality and different things a duo team brings to the table vs a single photographer it turns out to be A LOT cheaper. Now price shouldn’t be the final or even biggest decision while choosing a photographer. It’s definitely nice when you can look at what you’ve paid for and feel like you’ve gotten a good deal.

When it comes to your wedding photography, don’t be afraid to go with a duo team and you will be glad you did.

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