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Pros Of Having A Traditional Wedding


The things to consider when deciding to have a traditional wedding.

Run towards love. Elegant Traditional Wedding in Charlotte.
Venue: Morehead Inn

Hi there. We are Wedding Photographers based in Utah, that have been married now for two years. Sooooo we know a few things about weddings. If you’re reading this you might be planning for your big, magically day. Filled with both of your personalities at every corner.  The options for YOUR wedding is endless. Weather you are wanting the most elegant wedding day that it makes every celebrity in hollywood nauseous with envy. Wishing they could of had a wedding as amazing as you did. You could say I want a party soooo crazy, Netflix will send out a film crew to make the next blockbuster hit.

No matter what your plan is on your wedding day. You will most likely be looking for a wedding photographer to capture all the breathtaking moments you’re planning. Even those moments you didn’t expect that you can look back on and feel the whirlwind of emotions that were unplanned. Looking back on your photos should always and only be a positive experience. That is OUR goal whenever capturing a wedding day. YOU DESERVE THE BEST!!!!! We are here to help YOU and make sure you have peace of mind with whatever you decide. (Please don’t be annoyed with our capitalization. whenever we say ‘you’ or ‘your’ we just want it to soak in that this is about you and all the things… we go again.. YOU want).

Before we get started we want to say one thing. We aren’t here to tell you want to do but instead provide you with some talking points to bring up with your partner to decide on what fits best for YOU! What we love so much about wedding photography is we get to see everyone’s different approach. Every wedding we’ve ever captured has been different but has been a perfect fit with that couple. What’s perfect for someone might not work for you and that okay. You are unique and deserve a unique day to you.

Now in the great words of Trey Songs…. Ohh I’m about to dive in. (I apologize for my husband’s awful pun).

What is a traditional wedding? 

Traditional Wedding is more of a focus on the marrying couple’s heritage, culture, religion, and or family tradition. Now there are many different “Traditions’ ‘ when it comes to a marriage ceremony. Whether you’re doing it at a church, in a backyard, or a venue. Depending on your religion, where you are located or a slew of other variables They can look like literally anything. A traditional wedding is typically at a pretty easily accessible wedding venue. Which can accommodate a lot of people to fit the size of your desired wedding. 

OOOOOOOO baby we love a good traditional wedding for so many reasons. When you’re planning a traditional wedding you can really dive into some of the nostalgia of your relationship with your partner and your family. Which brings us one of our first points.

Beautiful Traditional Wedding in downtown Cincinnati. With Stunning Wedding dress.
Venue: Alcove at Madtree Brewing

Family At Your Wedding.

Family is always a super important thing to consider when planning YOUR wedding day. We’ve talked to so many couples and when we are talking, they say how excited they are that their grandmother / grandfather is able to make it to their special day.

With a Traditional Wedding you are able to provide a more convenient and accessible environment for any of your elder family guests or even anyone who needs more help moving around. Not only is a traditional wedding more convenient for any elder family member. It is also an easier option if you’re wanting a lot of extended family attending your big day. With traditional weddings typically being a bigger venue and easier to access. Having extended family is always an easy addition with little to no headache.

When talking about family in weddings you can talk for days because everyone has different situations, so make sure you and your partner talk about all of them to make sure you are covering all your bases. One of the important conversations to have around family and your wedding day is travel. 

Where you have your wedding is extremely important, not only do you want to book the venue of your dreams but you also NEED to know what state, city, or even country to have it in. Do you want to have it in the city you grew up in so you can have all your childhood friends there? Maybe you want to have it in the city you’re living in now because that’s where you call home. Regardless of all the unlimited options where to have your wedding,  another talking point you and your partner should talk about is if your wedding venues location is realistic to attend for the family you WANT to come.

Now we say ‘WANT’ because that’s exactly what we want you to think about. Ask yourself this question and really think hard because again at the end of the day this is YOUR wedding…Who in my family do I WANT to be at my wedding day?… We know that some families are MASSIVE!! Like 80 cousins, 25 aunts and uncles and so many nieces and nephews you need a mathematics degree to figure out how many. If you want all of them to be there, having a Traditional wedding in a centralized location is the best way to achieve that. Especially if you live near family. You can go into google a type in “wedding venues near me” and you’ll find SOO many different options.

Talking about Which family and where they all are is a great starting point to talk about when you’re planning your wedding. Especially when deciding between Elopement and a Traditional Wedding. 

Our next discussion you and your partner needs to talk about when deciding is……….


When we tell you we LOVE convenience you’ve got no idea. When we can find something that makes our lives easier we cry tears of joy. That is exactly what a traditional wedding can provide. 

With a traditional you are typically booking a venue or location that has everything you would need for a full day or even multiple days. Bathroom? Check. Private rooms to get ready? Most of the time I check. Places to get out of the heat or cold?……I sure hope so. Regardless of the problem you may run into, a typical venue you would book for a traditional wedding will have the solution to the problem. You can book the venue and not have to worry about getting permits, you don’t need to worry about a lot of random things because most wedding venues provide you with one of the most valuable things. Convenience.

Not only is a Traditional wedding convenient for the both of you, it is super convenient for your guests. I don’t know about you but for the both of us whenever we are hosting a party or any kind of event it’s hard for us to relax or to even enjoy the event because we are always worrying about our guests. Are they okay? Is it too hot? Maybe it’s too cold. Every bad uncomfortable thought will be running through our heads worrying about them. Luckily if you’re worried about your guests having a traditional wedding will tame your wild mind from going crazy with concern for your guests.

Party At Your Wedding

PARTY TIME!!!! You like to party? Like clubbing? Like being around a bunch of people and scream singing to all the hits of the early 2000’s. You want to definitely talk about having a traditional wedding. 

When you are having a traditional wedding at the wedding venue of your dreams you are typically booking that venue for the whole day. This means after the elegance of your ceremony you can absolutely break out those dance moves and give your DJ all your favorite songs and party until they kick you out.

Now everyone is different. Like for example in our relationship we are both very different. Camden is very extroverted and can talk to a brick wall for hours and will party and dance until one of his many injuries start to flare up. On the other side of the coin Hailey is not so extroverted. Sooooo partying until our eardrums pop isn’t quite her cup of tea, and we know many couples like that. 

Have that conversation with each other. Some people have zero desire to party and would love to just chill and others sometimes want to just skip everything and PARTY!!!

Traditional weddings blend a lot of great things together including the party of your lives. 

Hopefully this blog helps you have conversations on what to think about when planning a traditional wedding and remember that your wedding day deserves to be special and curated to both of your personalities. There is never an idea TOO crazy and we have seen some wild things at weddings that matched that couple perfectly. From having an aerialist pouring champagne, to the bride having her bouquet made out of pins from all over the county. No idea is bad.  

What are some of the fun unique ideas YOU want to have at your wedding?

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