How YOU can make your experience and photos better!


Photographers want to see the real you, and let’s be honest you do too! The more you are able to loosen up and stop thinking about the camera, the more fun you and your photographer are going to have, which directly translates to the photos produced. Nothing about your photo session should feel robotic and forced!

  1. Be open to weird and fun ideas

Get creative! Your photo session is a time to let ideas flow. If your photographer has a weird idea, do it! It might turn out to be your favorite photo. When we do a photo session with a couple we always do one photo that could work or could totally fail, but you never know unless you try!

  1. Plan out your outfits 

Outfits are such an important part of the process and it is sometimes overlooked. When you are going into a photo session, first of all ask if your photographer has any preference when it comes to outfit choices. Most of the time you want to stay away from busy patterns and logos. Also, keep your location in mind when picking your outfits to wear.

  1. Share some of your favorite music with your photographer so they can play it during your photo session

We all love music so why not incorporate something you love into your photo session! Music can help you loosen up and bring a sense of familiarity to a time that can feel uncomfortable. 

  1. Relax and let go!

What do you think are some of the best photos we tend to get at a wedding? Did you guess it? It’s the groomsmen photos! You wanna know why? They don’t care! We always tell our couples the more relaxed you can be and the more you can let go and enjoy your day for what it is, the better your photos will turn out! When you relax, photographers are able to capture the real intimate side of you, which creates moments instead of posed photos. Moments you can look back on and relive through the photo!

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