3 great places for your next photo session!


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If you don’t have a specific location in mind for your upcoming photo session and have no specific vision for it, here are some simple locations to consider!

  1. At your house!

Your house is such a great place to have your photo session and not many people think of it! You are in a place you are comfortable in which allows you to get more intimate photos that can bring out the fun and realness in your relationship.

  1. A studio

Studios don’t have to be for boring headshots! Photographers have fun getting creative with simplicity so if you are unsure about a location see if a studio space is an option for you and your photographer. Look up cool ideas on pinterest to make your studio session unique!

  1. Your Venue

If you are about to get married somewhere and you are looking to do an engagement session, why not do it in a place you are already investing in. Reach out to your venue and see if they will allow you to use the venue for your engagement session as well. It will allow you and your photographer to get used to the venue and also will have sentimental significance. Some venues will let you come back years after you get married, so if you are planning a photo session after you are already married this is an option as well.


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